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Puppies start to learn as soon as we bring them home; which isn’t necessarily a good thing. During the first few months of a puppy’s life, the experiences he goes through will shape the dog he will become as an adult.

Do you want to – *Reduce the risk of behaviour problems such as biting and aggression towards people and other dogs. *Make it more likely your pooch will become the perfect family pet who is sociable with everyone. *Stop any frustrating and embarrassing behaviours from occurring such as jumping up and problems with toilet training.

It has been proven if you undertake training before your puppy is 6 months old all the above are more likely to happen.

This is why joining a good puppy class at the earliest opportunity is a must. Grab your spot on our Puppy Life Skills Course taught by the most qualified local dog trainer.

Book our puppy training bundle to get your puppy on the right track from day one. Buy now and save!


Our puppy training bundle sets you up to have the best possible adult dog; well adjusted, well behaved and confident. What your puppy experiences when they are young will affect them for the rest of their lives. Start when your pup is as young as possible, this can begin before vaccinations are finished using our puppy training bundle.


Our puppy training bundle includes our effective and sort after puppy classes. They last for 7 weeks and is a comprehensive course giving a solid foundation of good behaviour. Each week you are sent a follow up email with everything we covered during the session. This bundle also includes 4 one to one sessions where issues within the home and out and about can be worked on. We can also build on the good behaviour learnt in class and make sure your puppy is able to practice this outside.

One to One training takes place in the comfort of your own home or out in the real world. We focus solely on the issues you are experiencing to get down to the route case and treat a bespoke training plan for your individual dog's needs.


Our qualified and experienced instructors come out to your home. The first session last two hours with background information being collected and hands on training taking place. After the session a comprehensive email covering everything discussed is sent over.


Follow up sessions can be tailored for your dog with both two hour and one hour sessions being offered.  Sessions can also take place in the real world to pracitce loose lead walking, recall and anything else you may be struggling with.



Basic Manners Course

Are you struggling with your dog’s behaviour? Are they dragging you down the street, making you feel embarrassed and not in control? Do you worry that their jumping up will knock someone over? Are walks becoming more of a chore than a pleasure? These are just some of the problem behaviours we cover in our Basic Manners Course.


Basic manners training teaches key behaviours to make your everyday life easier and stress free. It is for dogs over six months of age.


Grab a place on the next upcoming course while you can. Only six dogs are accepted to keep class sizes small and ensure individual attention.

Advanced Class

Advanced class improves the behaviours both dogs and owners have learned in our previous classes. This builds the connection between dog and owner, improving desirable behaviours and making them stronger in a variety of situations and settings, so you know you can call on them when needed.


We also teach the dogs several new behaviours to increase focus and fun! Trick training and scentwork are introduced, showing owners a variety of ways to use their dog’s brains to keep them out of trouble.


Start working towards Dedicated to Dogs level award scheme where we run informal examinations. When you and your dog pass you receive a certificate and rosette to show off your achievement. 


Spaces in advanced class are limited and must be booked through myself. Contact now to see if there is an available place.


Dedicated to Dogs have a number of workshops to help with those difficult, frustrating behaviours.


This include recall, scentwork, loose lead walking, town walks, increasing focus, socialising with dogs and people and much, much more.


Workshops are run on a variety of dates throughout the year. Take a look and see which one will make your life easier and you and your dog happier.

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