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Tamsin and the online puppy coaching have been a great support with our new puppy, especially through lock down. Tamsin is so knowledgeable, lots of great ideas and the material is really clear, easy to follow and in bite size chunks. Thank you!

Our puppy Ruby came to live with us in February, she was 8 weeks old. She is our first dog and we literally didn't have a clue what we were doing. Tamsin from dedicated to dogs has been absolutely amazing!!! She came to see us for a couple of sessions before she came home, then when she arrived. The advice she gave us was invaluable. She suggested ways to settle Ruby, toilet train her and generally look after and train her. Upon lockdown, Tamsin responded amazingly well and provided us with training videos. Ruby is 17 weeks now and she wouldn't be the well behaved, adorable dog that she is without Tamsin's advice. Thank you Tamsin x

We had re-homed Jake in August and had a 121 session with Tamsin in October.

Tamsin has and exceptional breadth of knowledge. Not just knowledge about dogs, but great insight about your dog. Jake could be nervous (and consequently aggressive) around strangers in the house and his recall was haphazard.

Tamsin provided a wealth of guidance and insight which has been profoundly helpful. Highly recommended and worth every penny.

We had our first one to one with Tamsin and feel so much for confident! As first time owners with a brand new puppy we were feeling a bit over whelmed but we had some amazing tips and advice which have been easy to follow and already improving! Especially crate training and potty training! Can’t wait for the group puppy classes! X

Tamsin came out to help Wilson (and us) today. He's been through a lot poor lad and his stress levels are through the roof, manifesting in separation anxiety and low tolerance of bouncing dogs and pups in his face. Tamsin is thourgh, knowledgeable, kind and generous with her knowledge. Wilson loved her and her chicken treats! We did an in-depth history and learnt some techniques for keeping his stress to a minimum and a plan to put in place movnknf forward. She also looked at his movement and general visible health. This is a very small snapshot of the fantastic information and guidance. given. Looking forward to working on the plan and helping Wilson to be a relaxed and happy boy. I wish we'd done it sooner instead of bumbling along. Thank you Tamsin so much. A woof from Wilson x

Cooper (our 2 year old miniature dachshund) met Tamsin today for a 1:1 session to tackle some troublesome barking. Tamsin was absolutely amazing and had some great ideas for us to try. She took time to get to know us, to understand why Cooper is driving us mad and explained why Cooper barks - in a very non judgemental way! I can't wait to get going.

Our 8 month old rescue dog Boo and I had a one to one session with Tamsin today focusing on Boo’s recall - especially on the moor where he very easily gets distracted by scents. We also worked on loose lead walking. The session was brilliant - very informative and dog focused, geared around Boo’s individual motivations - and also a lot of fun! In just one session, it was clear that Boo had already learnt a lot - as had I! We passed at least 4 dogs on our walk who had all done some training with Tamsin and who were all very well behaved and clearly loved her! This session was totally worth it for me. I had reached the stage where walks were no longer the joyful experience they should be - but I came home today already looking forward to the next one. Thank you Tamsin x

Scout and I attended Tamsin’s Rapid Recall workshop on Saturday and I’m only sorry I didn’t attend one sooner! Before the workshop I was conflicted about letting Scout off lead- I was a first time dog owner,totally lacking in confidence and scared to death that she’d run off and never come back, and Scout - she’s a beagle - need I say more?! But I knew how happy she was off lead as I’d taken her to secure fields and she loved to wander and sniff freely.
I came away from the workshop feeling empowered. Tamsin taught us a range of strategies, games and activities to help support effective recall. I couldn’t wait to try them out! We walked on Sunday morning and I let Scout off lead across a field and alongside the river - she came back and responded as well as she did at the workshop. I walked her later that day with the same level of success. This evening I walked her across 2 fields and again she came when I called and went back on her lead no problem! I feel so much more confident and happier about letting Scout off lead because now I believe that she will come back if I put into practise what I learnt at the workshop. I feel so much happier knowing my dog can enjoy the freedom she enjoys and deserves.I would wholeheartedly recommend Tamsin and her Recall Training ( we’ve also attended her Basic Manners and Agility classes and they are fantastic too!). Thank you Tamsin! Alison and Scout x

We attended puppy classes, recall class and we've had 1 to 1 at home, all with great success. Tamsin is a fantastic teacher. She's laid back and good fun with a huge knowledge on behaviour. I highly recommend.

Jo Glover and Enya





Enya our Labrador is 9 weeks old and only came to live with us a few days ago but after researching we knew that if we can train her properly from the start then we would be in a much better place to guarantee a calm, well behaved dog.
Tamsin came recommended so after buying the puppy bundle we have today had our first 121 session which was just amazing!!! Tamsin helped us so much and gave us loads of great tips and exercises to do and after just 2 hours I could really see a difference - Enya was much happier getting into her crate, is not biting and jumping up and is happy with her collar and lead on.. we’ve even made some
Progress with the cat!! I can see that if we do everything we discussed we will be off to a much better start than trying to do this on our own! Am now excited to see what progress we make when we get to puppy classes in a few weeks time.. 😊🐶

Gill Paxton and Luna





We have completed the puppy course and just done recall too. A fantastic session where we learnt lots of tips and feel more confident to let puppy loose. Highly recommend Tamsin, her calm demeanor and knowledge base is fantastic.

Nettie Holmes and Ripley





Just finished puppy life skills and Ripley loved it, a must for everybody who has or thinking about getting a puppy and giving the pup and owners the best start in life learning valuable skills, great and clear training by Tamsin who clearly loves her job, looking forward to the recall workshop

caroline curry







Having the best fun ever with our new pup Shinty at Dedicated to Dogs puppy training. Got my first dog in 1967, and never been without one since, surely I didn’t need to go to puppy classes? But you are never too old to learn and the experience has been really positive for Shinty, and me. Tamsin is so good at putting us at ease, creating a calm environment for pups and owners to learn together. Would highly recommend to everyone with a new puppy in their life.

diane anderson







We have just attended a super recall workshop with Chilli. Tamsin gave us a really good understanding of how to develop a solid recall, and we were able to try some different techniques. Chilli can be quite distracted around other dogs, so it was super to see him responding and improving during the workshop. We now have lots of things to keep practising. The whole session was fun and friendly, and Chilli clearly loves Tamsin. I would definitely recommend.

mia coe







Teddy attended puppy classes for the puppy course and he loved it! He loved the challenge and it really taught him some manners. Tamsin was always kind and helpful and has such a clear passion for dogs which makes things so fun and loving. One of his major issues was that he was fearful of my young nieces and would jump and nip. With the recommended training and great advice, they've really come leaps and bounds in their relationship, and now really love each other! Would 100% recommend!








We are coming to the end of the Basic Manners course, and have greatly appreciated and enjoyed Tamsin's methods, to which my dog is responding very well. She always has strategies to address individual dogs' needs. I hope to attend more workshops and the future.

cath hodgson




Just finished the basic manners course and we loved it! Marley has such fun and we learnt a lot of invaluable training pointers.

zoe moss



Tamsin's caring, professional approach and practical advice are invaluable. There is a clear interest in and deep understanding of dogs as individuals, as well as taking wider circumstances and environments into consideration. We have all really benefited from Tamsin's input and insights into Billy's training, and we continue to enjoy working with these day-to-day. Our sessions have been 1:1, with comprehensive notes in follow-up, offering suggestions and reminders. Highly recommended.

neil scarlett



I did the Basic course with my 4 year old Labradoodle and it helped a lot. We progressed onto the Advanced and the sessions are excellent. Good fun, challenging for both dog and owner so you feel there’s progress at every session but the support and encouragement from Tamsin keeps you on track.

My dog has gained focus and it’s clear he enjoys the mental workout the sessions give him.

I’m looking forward very much to continuing to work with him.

Highly recommended.

Helen Rawstron



Tamsin recently came to my home to do a 1:1 session with my 3 year old springer, Max. He has developed some anxiety issues which has made him nervous around strangers. I was apprehensive about the visit but I needn't have been. Tamsin was brilliant. She is very knowledgeable, listened to what I said and responded with care and thought. She is very thorough in her approach and gives her honest, well considered advice. She is very approachable and even my very anxious dog went up to her! 
Tamsin took lots of notes and gave me tons of really helpful information. All of this was followed up with very comprehensive notes in an email with a suggested plan to help my dog. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending Tamsin to anyone. I am very happy with the service I received. Thank you, Tamsin.

Kathryn Burnley

And Wilson

Tamsin is so knowledgeable and so easy going, makes puppy classes fun and interesting! Can’t recommend enough!! Fab!

Anna Hepworth



Did the puppy course with Tamsin, it was brilliant for both me and my pooch 
Highly recommend it. 
Tamsin is very knowledgeable about dogs and there behaviour. 

Rebecca Wharton



I've just finished the Basic Manners course with one of my dogs and it was both such fun and so beneficial we're going straight into the Advanced Class!!

The Basic Manners course was very well structured and Tamsin is not only extremely knowledgable but also excellent at explaining both the training methods and the logic behind them. Best of all the training is up to date, force free and happy-dog-centric. Love it!!

Bethan King



We have just completed our adult basic manners course with our 10 month old puppy Pip. Tamsin is brilliant- so knowledgeable, very clear with her instruction and help and clearly cares so so much about every single dog!

Pip is a very excitable dog so getting her to learn her basic commands in a setting with other dogs and people has been very very beneficial, we have already seen a massive improvement and can’t wait to continue training with her now!! Thanks Tamsin! Xx

chris leaf



I recommend the puppy training course with Dedicated to Dogs. We thoroughly enjoyed taking our puppy, Mollie to class. As dog owners we have learned so much, the value in the training is enormous. We are looking forward to working with Tamsin more. Thank you so much!

Freya Pinto



Tamsin came and did an excellent 1:1 training session with us and our 3 month old German Shepherd. We were so impressed with the results she was able to get from our puppy, and now hope to emulate her!

Tamsin went through a variety of commands we can use to get our puppy to calm down and stop mouthing, as well as the basic obedience skills we want to start building.
Tamsin sent a very detailed follow-up email containing everything we had discussed in the session, as well as helpful documents.
Would definitely recommend!

Jennifer Kay




I contacted Dedicated to Dogs as I needed specific help with Archie my Labrador, no book or website offered any help so I thought a one to one session would be the best option, it was!

Tamsin was able to offer a clear insight and guidance on how to help with specific issues but we also talked through other ways to develop his training. Tamsin is very knowledgeable and explained things really clearly. I now feel more confident and I am looking forward to attending the agility classes with Tamsin.

Chris Sparrow




Just finished our puppy life skills course - where to begin. Our dog has changed massively over the last two months, clear and simple directions and Tamsin is patient and responsive over emails and facebook. Each class is summarised by email with instructions. Seen a huge change in our dog and are looking forward to more classes with Tamsin.

Janette HartshornE and



Tamsin has only done 1 session with Mackenzie but already we can see the difference. 
Mackenzie loved Tamsin from the minute she walked in and was very keen to learn.
The advice and follow up info we were given was extensive and very informative with easy to follow steps. 
Mackenzie is looking forward to her next session

Catherine Dunne




Really enjoying the Adult Basic Manners Course. Ruby (and myself) are learning a lot!

Ian Mobley




Tamsin is clearly a talented, passionate, knowledgeable trainer. Indie (my energetic 10 month GR) and I attended her recall group and made a follow up 1:1 appointment to review Indie's progress. The 1:1 session lasted over an hour and she gave some great advice, support, and encouragement about getting good recall in the local park, off lead. Indie responded really well. I'd recommend Tamsin to anyone looking to help train their dog. A detailed email running through some of the training techniques used, and her thoughts and observations is to follow. Thanks so much Tamsin, you've helped Indie and me enjoy our walks again.

Claire Salisbury




Tamsin is brilliant, with dogs and their owners. Lewis has loved puppy training classes and we have learnt so much.

cathy huny



We had a great time on Saturday’s nosework ninja workshop. Some fantastic instruction and Jasper has taken to it so easily and is already finding his catnip mouse! This is such a great way to find enrichment on these shorter days. I can’t recommend Tamsin enough!

maria south



Tamsin has been a huge help in starting us on the right track with Darcy. Her one to one sessions are really informative and in case you don't take it all in at the time ( me) Tamsin makes sure you have a comprehensive written follow up for everything covered in the session.

I would really recommend her one to ones - particularly in the 2 or 3 weeks after puppy arrives when everything can seem a bit daunting...! Looking forward to puppy classes too.






Just had a 1:1 session at our home with Tamsin. It was great fun and we learnt loads. Everything made sense and we’ve got clear things to practise. Thank you.

Tracy Eastwood



Very useful and informative! Beau loved socialising with the other puppies and was keen to go back into the sessions if he had to go outside for a toilet! Best thing was learning how to stop him biting my legs!!!

daniel hughes



Bea the Springer Spaniel has just graduated from puppy life classes but Tamsin spent most of the time training us Humans how to understand and work with Bea. We thoroughly endorse Tamsin and her methods: each class was well structured; the aims and methods for each exercise were clearly explained; and, there was written follow up after each class. Tamsin is an out-standing teacher: her experience, enthusiasm and knowledge are obvious, and, we have no hesitation in recommending her.

sarah jones



Brilliant first session with Buster and Tamsin. Gave really great advice for the whole family to contribute towards training including my 4 year old son. I can see already these sessions are going to be a huge benefit to all of us and Buster. Highly recommended.

nicola kelt and


Brilliant! Beau has become much easier to manage and it's great fun teaching him new things. Looking forward to lots of practice now, thanks Tamsin.

anna senior



Our excitable Labrador, Sidney, has thoroughly enjoy our 12 weeks of training classes. We have all learned a great deal about attention, lead walking, sit, down, settle, scent work, and so much more !

We now feel more connected to Sidney and feel comfortable taking him out and about and into cafes etc. Tamsin has enthusiasm, patience and so much knowledge! Her methods all make sense and are positive and forward thinking. We are looking forward to working with Tamsin again in the near future.

jill dean



A massive thank you to Tamsin from Graham, Dexter and I. The three of us learnt loads at your puppy classes. Graham and I feel miles more confident as puppy parents and are enjoying our gorgeous puppy after guidance from Tamsin. Most importantly, Dexter is a happier boy and loved attending puppy class!

dan hill



Tamsin did some recall training with me and Monty, my wire hair fox terrier puppy yesterday. She was excellent and gave me lots of useful advice so I can practise myself. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

kelli zezulka




She's very easily distracted so trying to get her attention long enough to get her out of a stressful situation when meeting other dogs has been difficult. Tamsin visited this morning and taught us some focus exercises and showed us how to get her attention and work on recall. Our afternoon walk was so much calmer and the recall is already much improved. We're so impressed and look forward to working more with Tamsin in the future.

UPDATE: It's been just over six months since we started working with Tamsin and Maisy has made such amazing progress in that time. From our first training class when she couldn't even be in the same room as other dogs to tonight's recall workshop when she wasn't fazed by being around four new dogs in a new environment, it's been amazing to see such an improvement in her. The training classes, social walks and recall workshop have been great for her confidence and Tamsin has been fab at making sure we always work to Maisy's pace.

gemma elizabeth





Tamsin you are brill, learnt a lot and feel reassured we're on the right track.

Looking forward to joining puppy training next week.

Barney is now having a sleep! Hard work learning.

louise lloyd





Tamsin was amazing. We were looking for some guidance on training our 4 month old puppy Dexter. We covered many topics to help improve our training techniques and to make sure we were on the right track. It was evident Tamsin was very knowledgeable and cares deeply about dogs. We are really looking forward to her new puppy training classes. I would highly recommend Tamsin especially the one on one training.

andy parkin





Tamsin was recommended to me by a friend to assist with the training of Lola, my German Shepherd Cross who is 15 months old. Lola is a little nervous and tends to bark when she's unsure of things in life, she's unsure of strangers when they come round to the house. After three sessions the change in Lola is amazing, she's become more confident, slowly realising to trust strangers when they come round to the house and are invited in. Her body language is showing more confidence when she is out on walks and is more relaxed in life. This is the start of long term training with Lola so she becomes one highly trained and happy dog.

susan walton





I contacted Tamsin as she had been recommended locally. Evie is a generally well behaved young dog but I felt she needed some training to improve her responses to me and to keep her stimulated.
Tamsin is teaching me how to train Evie through playing games and really having fun.
I use her training tips on a daily basis and incorporate them into Evie's day whether at home or out walking.
Tamsin's expertise has made a big difference in Evie's responses and I am really enjoying seeing her develop.

charlotte johnson





I approached Tamsin after I saw her pictures of her dog and the awards. I have a Springerdor puppy (Eli) who is 10 weeks old and bonkers! I initially started with another trainer and found that I wasn't sure and didn't feel so comfortable with the tools they had given me to work with Eli and he didn't seem too happy either.

She really took the time to understand what me and my husband needed from the training. She didn't tell us what to do she asked what we wanted the dog to/ not to do and then put together a plan. We have begun implementing the first set of training ( crate training , house training and how to show Eli not to bite ) and we have seen results so quickly!

He's not biting as much and is learning to release, his house training is 60% there and the crate training is working much better than what we did before!

I'm so pleased and will continue training and asking for advice from Tamsin going forwards, thank you Tamsin!

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