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Does a classroom environment make you, or your dog, anxious? Does your schedule change, so weekly classes aren’t possible? Would you like to focus on a few behaviours in more detail? You and your dog can learn in the comfort of your own home.


One-to-one training is perfect for anyone who has just bought a puppy or rescue dog home. We can help settle them into their new surroundings and nip any problem behaviours in the bud, creating a strong foundation to continue developing your relationship.


Has your perfect puppy turned into a tearaway? Is your adult dog struggling to focus and listen to you? Then a one-to-one will get you back on the right track.

All our training is based on positive, reward-based techniques. These techniques will give you the behaviours you ultimately want from your dog, increase your understanding of your dog and strengthen your bond with them.

One-to-one training takes place in your home, in the outside world or via zoom. To begin with, We will attend your home or set up an online session where I will get an understanding of your needs, what problems you are having, what motivates your dog and what you would like to achieve. In the first session, we will begin to put together a plan and start basic training exercises.


Our training package consists of 4hrs of training. The first session is 1 and a half hours long. This allows us to take a history, discuss problems, get to know the dog and yourself, and figure out what you really want to achieve with your pooch. We then put together a training plan both showing and guiding you through the process.

The next session takes place two/three weeks after the first one and the final session another two/three weeks after that. This allows us to progress the behaviours from our first session. Improving upon them and making them more reliable in a range of surroundings and with a variety of real-life distractions present. This means we can create solid, long lasting behaviour rather than a one day change!

After each session, you will receive an email detailing everything discussed during the session. You also have access to us via Whatsapp to ask any questions and send videos of our training for feedback.

Why do a training package rather than one off session? This is about investing in your dog's and your future, so you can enjoy time together, whether that be in the house, out on walks or in town.


"Tamsin's caring, professional approach and practical advice are invaluable."


"Tamsin was brilliant. She is very knowledgeable, listened to what I said and responded with care and thought. She is very thorough in her approach and gives her honest, well considered advice. She is very approachable and even my very anxious dog went up to her!"


"We were so impressed with the results she was able to get from our puppy, and now hope to emulate her!"


"I contacted dedicated to dogs as I needed specific help with Archie my Labrador, no book or website offered any help so I thought a one to one session would be the best option, it was! Tamsin is very knowledgeable and explained things really clearly."


"Tamsin is clearly a talented, passionate, knowledgeable trainer. Thanks so much Tamsin, you've helped Indie and me enjoy our walks again."

Meg the Flat Coat Retriever
Myla the Cavaliar x Cocker
Frankie and Muffin the Daschunds

Date: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday


Time: Appointments available between 10am and 4pm

If these times are not possible, please contact us to discuss further.


Duration: 1st session is one and a half hours, followed by two one and a quarter hours sessions.



  • Travel to and from your home (up to 10 miles distance from our instructor's home address, over 10 miles is charged at 45p per mile e.g 20 miles would be £4.50 each way).

  • Four hours of 1-1 training.

  • Comprehensive notes of everything discussed and trained during each session.

  • Access to your trainer via Whatsapp during the training package.


Want to learn more about Dedicated to Dogs and how we can help you and your dog? Book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with our head trainer Tamsin.

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