Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs? Has your dog snapped at you when you tried to take something away from them? Does your dog destroy things when left alone?

These are just a few examples of behaviour problems that can cause real distress to both dog and their owners. These behaviour problems take careful management and effective positive methods to decrease and eventually eradicate, the behaviour altogether.


To do this you need an experienced and knowledgeable behaviour specialist and that's where we can help you! 

If you want to really change your dog's behaviour and regain your life then you need to sign up for our behaviour package.



Our first session lasts two hours. I gather a detailed history of your dog; including diet, exercise, routine and previous training methods. Then we will discuss the problems you are experiencing in-depth, as well as what you would like to achieve and how you would like to make positive changes for both you and your dog. We then create a training plan and I show and guide you through each stage.

Once the first session has taken place, I will write up the training techniques I have advised you to use during this session. This means you are able to refer to the notes if you feel you want to recap anything.

A further four one hour sessions take place every other week to continue building on the training plan and adding new, vital training techniques as well as proofing those behaviours in the environments where the unwanted behaviour takes place. Remember, practice makes perfect and having us holding your hand through the process allows us to achieve the most. 


Date: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday


Time: Appointments available between 10am and 4pm

If these times are not possible, please contact us to discuss further.


Duration: Two hours followed by a futher four one hour sessions every other week.


Location: Owners home or online.



  • Travel to and from your home (up to 10 miles distance from Skipton is included, over 10 miles is charged at 45p per mile e.g 20 miles would be £4.50 each way).

  • Consultation for two hours then a further four one hour sessions.

  • Comprehensive notes of everything discussed and trained.

  • Help between sessions via Whatsapp. 

Want to learn more about Dedicated to Dogs and how we can help you and your dog? Book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with our head trainer Tamsin.