Bringing home a puppy is a wonderful occasion, but soon the realisation sinks in that you have a tiny little fluff ball that bites, barks, cries, chews anything in sight and goes to the toilet more times a day than you thought physically possible!

Puppies start to learn as soon as we bring them home; which isn’t necessarily a good thing. During the first few months of a puppy’s life, the experiences he goes through will shape the dog he will become as an adult.


Do you want to –
*Reduce the risk of behaviour problems such as biting and aggression towards people and other dogs.
*Make it more likely your pooch will become the perfect family pet who is sociable with everyone.
*Stop any frustrating and embarrassing behaviours from occurring; such as jumping up and problems with toilet training.

It has been proven that, if you undertake training before your puppy is 6 months old, all the above are more likely to happen.

This is why joining a good puppy class at the earliest opportunity is a must. Grab your spot on our Puppy Life Skills Course taught by the most qualified local dog trainer.

To attend puppies have to of received their first set of vaccinations of the two/three stage course.


Otto the Cocker Spaniel


Behaviours taught:

*Noise Sensitivity – Preventing it from ever becoming a problem. No need to worry about bonfire night.

*Name Reflex – Puppy offers eye contact and focus when name called.

*Anti guarding exercises – Stop your puppy from growling and biting when they have something they value.

*Eye Contact – Create a reliable recall, loose lead walking and general focus. Eye contact is key!

*Meet and Greet – Preventing puppies from jumping up. Teaching them the value of keeping feet on the floor.

*Settling – Teaching puppies to be calm in a distracting environment with other dogs and people present.

*Recall – Creating a reliable and lasting recall. How to make recall fun.

*Handling/Grooming – Stress free vet and grooming visits.

*Loose Lead Walking – Increase focus and stop years of back and shoulder pain.

*Sit – Using both vocal and hand signal

*Down – Using both vocal and hand signal

*Stay/Wait – Stay still in a distracting environment. Important for dog and owner safety.

*Exchanges – Giving up items when asked. Stop guarding behaviours.



The first class is self-study via our online platform. We also have a Facebook group where people can ask questions and post videos of their training. This is because it is important we understand how our puppies learn and what drives their behaviour. We also go through common puppy problems and how to deal with them. As well as discussing the training techniques we will use and why we are using them. 

What's included -

- Natural goody box from Boss B Natural www.bossbnatural.co.uk

- Access to our online portal where all notes and videos of training techniques can be view and printed.

- Access to our Facebook group where you can questions and training videos.


Location: Currently on an open field at Swartha Lane, Addingham Moorside.

Date: Thursday afternoons and Saturday morning

Time: 5-5.45pm and 9-9.45am

Duration: 6 Weeks. First week self-study at home.

Cost: £120 payment received in advance to secure place. £5 booking fee.

Places are limited to six puppies per class and book up weeks in advance, so book early to avoid disappointment.



"Just finished the basic manners course and we loved it! Marley has such fun and we learnt a lot of invaluable training pointers."


"Got my first dog in 1967, and never been without one since, surely I didn’t need to go to puppy classes? But you are never too old to learn and the experience has been really positive for Shinty, and me. Tamsin is so good at putting us at ease, creating a calm environment for pups and owners to learn together. Would highly recommend to everyone with a new puppy in their life."


"Tamsin is so knowledgeable and so easy going , makes puppy classes fun and interesting! Can’t recommend enough!!"

"I recommend the puppy training course with Dedicated to Dogs. We thoroughly enjoyed taking our puppy, Mollie to class. As dog owners we have learned so much, the value in the training is enormous."