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Walkabout Classes



Our walkabout training classes are held in a variety of locations taking advantage of everything the world can throw at us. 

They are a great opportunity to work on critical every day behaviours like loose lead walking, recall and focus around other dogs in a variety of settings. 


These classes are also perfect for building social skills. Teaching them to focus in the presence of others and how to socialise in an appropriate manner. Perfect for dogs going through adolescence or who lack confidence. 

Aside from providing your pet with the opportunity to socialise with other dogs, our classes continue to build the bond between you and your dog.


Our experienced dog trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to teach all exercises. By combining physical exercise with mental stimulation, our classes create the ultimate training experience that your dog will love.

Date: Take place every other week


Time: Vary each session. A poll is set up on our FB community the most popular one wins. This gives everyone the opportunity to attend. 


Duration: 1 hour

Location: The location of these walks changes every session. This allows us to train in a variety of locations, exposing the dogs to different situations and environments. 

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Want to learn more about Dedicated to Dogs and how we can help you and your dog? Book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with our head trainer Tamsin.

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