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Rain the Golden Retriever

Our puppy training bundle sets you up to have the best possible adult dog; well adjusted, well behaved, and confident. What your puppy experiences when they are young will affect them for the rest of their lives. Start when your pup is as young as possible, this can begin before vaccinations are finished, or even before the puppy has come home using our puppy training bundle.


Our puppy training bundle gives you access to our effective and sort after puppy life skills course. The course lasts for 6 weeks and gives a solid foundation of good behaviour.  Week one is home study, with over an hour and a quarter worth of videos, comprising critical information. No mixed messages here!


The rest of the course takes place in person over 5 weeks. You get access to our online academy which has fact sheets and videos of all the training techniques taught during the course. 


This bundle also includes four hours of one-to-one sessions, where issues within the home and out and about can be worked on. We can also build on the good behaviour learned in class, and make sure your puppy is able to practice this out in the big world.


Juno the English Shepherd collie

One to one session can be taken at any time, but most clients tend to choose to have a session before puppy comes home, a week or so after puppy has settled in, and the remainder as and when they feel necessary.



  • Four hours of one-to-one training. First session up to 2hrs then two 1hr sessions.

  • Travel to and from your home (up to 10 miles distance from Skipton is included, over 10 miles is charged at 45p per mile e.g 20 miles would be £4.50 each way).

  • Comprehensive notes of everything discussed and trained.

  • Six week Puppy Life Skills course.

  • Access to trainers via Whatsapp for the duration of the training.

  • Access to our online portal where all notes and training techniques covered in class can be viewed. 

  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can post questions and videos of your training.


One to Ones

Location: Owners home/Outside world, online via zoom.

Date: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday

Duration: Up to Two Hours

Time: Appointments available between 10am and 4pm

If these times are not possible, please contact us to discuss further.

Travel expenses (where applicable)


Training Classes

Location: Open field on Addingham Moorside during Spring/Summer. Addingham Scout Hut during Autumn/Winter

Classes: Thursday 7-7.45pm

Duration: 6 weeks - 1 week home study, 5 weeks in person.

Want to chat about your and your puppy's needs? Book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with our head trainer Tamsin

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