Are you struggling with your dog’s behaviour? Are they dragging you down the street, making you feel embarrassed and not in control? Do you worry that their jumping up will knock someone over? Are walks becoming more of a chore than a pleasure? These are just some of the problem behaviours we cover in our Basic Manners Course.


Basic manners training teaches key behaviours to make your everyday life easier and stress free.


Behaviours taught:

  • Settling – Teaching dogs to be calm in a distracting environment with other dogs and people present.

  • Stay/Wait – Stay still in a distracting environment. Important for dog and owner safety.

  • Greeting people appropriately – Preventing dogs from jumping up. Teaching them the value of keeping their feet on the floor.

  • Eye Contact – Create a reliable recall, loose lead walking and general focus. Eye contact is key!

  • Sit – Using both vocal and hand signal

  • Down – Using both vocal and hand signal

  • Loose-Lead Walking – Increase focus and stop years of back and shoulder pain.

  • Stay/Wait – Stay still in a distracting environment. Important for dog and owner safety.

  • Handling/Grooming – Stress free vet and grooming visits.

  • Recall – Creating a reliable and lasting recall. How to make recall fun.

  • Exchanges – Giving up items when asked. Preventing guarding behaviours.


The first class is without dogs. This is because it is important we understand how our dogs learn and what drives their behaviour. We also discuss the training techniques we will use and why we are using them, equipment use, treats and treat delivery.



"We are coming to the end of the Basic Manners course, and have greatly appreciated and enjoyed Tamsin's methods, to which my dog is responding very well. She always has strategies to address individual dogs' needs."


"Good fun, challenging for both dog and owner so you feel there’s progress at every session but the support and encouragement from Tamsin keeps you on track."


"I've just finished the Basic Manners course with one of my dogs and it was both such fun and so beneficial we're going straight into the Advanced Class!! The Basic Manners course was very well structured and Tamsin is not only extremely knowledgable but also excellent at explaining both the training methods and the logic behind them. Best of all the training is up to date, force free and happy-dog-centric. Love it!!"


Access to our online portal where you can view all the notes and training technqiues covered in class. This way you will always be able to look back on them as your training journey continues.

Location: Addingham Scout Hut

Date: Thursday evenings

Time: 7-7.45pm

Duration: 5 Weeks. First week without dogs.

Cost: £100 payment received in advance to secure place. £5 booking fee.

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