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The Perfect Storm

If you are in England and you look out the window you will see a very dull, dark, rainy day. The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia is due to hit the UK and things are only going to get worse. Winds are set to hit 80mph with weather warnings in place throughout the UK. It’s going to get wet and wild, that is for sure!!

In my puppy classes we teach basic obedience behaviours such as sit, down, wait but we also teach your puppy key life skills such as how to give up objects they have hold of, or that loud noises aren’t scary.

If a puppy is not taught these key behaviours then we also create the perfect storm. Dogs keep stealing shoes, pieces of paper, food off the side and each time the dog is cornered and forced to give up the item. Its mouth is pried open and the item physically removed, he might even get a smack for stealing yet another item.

So what is our dog learning……….

Your dog is learning that every time he has something of value Mum/Dad takes it off him. So let’s think about this, if you were bullied at school and your lunch money taken from you every day what would you do? Tell the teacher, your Mum and Dad, beg the bully to stop. All of that doesn’t work, so what now?? You are probably going to get pretty annoyed and in the end you are going to snap.

Our dogs are the same.

Each time they escalate their behaviour using subtle signs we often don’t see. Eventually the dog learns this doesn’t work so they start growling, snapping and if this is ignored, guess what, they are going to bite you. Whose fault is it……..The dogs……..NOPE!!

We have to prepare our puppies for the world we live in. Joining a good puppy class is a must but not all puppy classes are good! Grab a spot on our next Puppy Life Skills course here -

If you have an adult dog and are experiencing problems then contact me to get it sorted today.


Gotta love a Frenchie!

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