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Ouch, that hurt!

I deal with aggression cases on a regular basis.

Every dog I go out to I ask their owner to take them for a full vet check.

This past week I have been out to see two dog reactive dogs.

Both dogs lunge and bark when they see other dogs.

Annie is a shihzu she started to show this behaviour to other dogs a few months a go.

Now I looked at Annie and her behaviour.

Her Mum and Dad told me she quite often missed a ball if thrown.

I also saw how she would easily miss treats when thrown.

We took her out for a walk and she kept apporoaching my calves and bumping into them.

Now the bumping behaviour could be an attention seeking behaviour.

After all, if a dog bumps into your legs you are likely to look down at them but with the other sight issues I thought it may be connected.

So off Annie’s Mum and Dad went to the vets and she has been referred to a specialist.

Health and behaviour are often connected.

Just think about when you have pulled a muscle or have a headache. You are much more irritable.

Annie goes to work with her Dad and sit in the bar. If any dog passes she explodes, barking and lunging at the dog.

Annie had a bad experience with another dog when she was little. This combined with the fact she may be unable to see dogs approaching it is unsurprising she reacts.

I also went out to see little Ella yesterday.

I noticed her movement was strange. She quite often hopped with her back end rather than using both legs independently. She also runs on an angle when running slowly.

So Ella’s Mum and Dad have been asked to take her to the vet for a full vet check.

So remember if your dogs behaviour suddenly changes make sure they are fit and healthy.

Remember exciting news on Friday. Can’t wait to let you all in on the secret.

Health is an important driver for behaviour.

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