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See through leggings!

Updated: Apr 24, 2019


For those that know me and follow my business Facebook page you know I take part in a sport called Canicross. Canicross is where you run with the dogs attached to you via a running belt and bungie line.

I often get comments from people I pass about how it’s cheating being attached to my dogs. Well…….it helps a bit going up the hills I won’t lie! But that isn’t my main reason for doing it…….I swear!!

It also allows me to exercise my dogs in places they aren’t allowed off lead and with the horrible winter night coming in I can make sure my dogs get enough exercise in a shorter amount of time.


I invested in some new exercise leggings as my running is going to be increasing over winter. They arrived a few days ago and I was thrilled. They were bright and looked really cool that was until I did the see through test.

Anyone who has been to pilates, yoga or any type of exercise class knows that you end up bending over facing someone else, so it’s pretty important your leggings aren’t see through. So I did the test and sure enough they were see through!

So how on earth does this relate to dog training!!!

Well often people need certain core behaviours the most when their dogs are super excited and just like my leggings when we need them most, they fail.

When your friends or work colleagues are coming round to the house and your dog goes mental, bouncing off the walls, and off your guests! Or when you are down the park and there a bunch of dogs playing but you have to get home to set off in time for the meeting and guess what Fido spotted them before you. All you see is his bum disappearing off into the distance. When you decide it will be nice to take the dog for a walk around town and the whole time you are towed around, leaving you with a very sore back and arm.

I am sure this has happened to every single one of you!

Well don’t despair I can help. I can teach you the secrets to get your dog to listen and work with you.

Contact me today to find out how.


Me and my pooches Canicrossing.

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