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Enrichment Guide........Number Nine

Rolled Towel

Another super quick and easy way to amuse your dog using something we all have hanging about.

If you own a dog you own one of these things we call a dog towel.

Now it's like any other standard towel but it's a bit dog eared (excuse the pun!) looks a bit sorry for itself, maybe thread bare in a few places.

If you live in England it gets a serious work out during the winter!

But dog towels aren't just for drying your dog. It is a great enrichment tool too.

Simply open it out and spread a few treats or your dogs own food over the towel. Once done roll it up and then let your pooch have it.

It's a great way of keeping them amused and letting their normal food go so much further.

So many dogs I see suffer from boredom leading to unwanted behaviours. Using your dogs brain will help stop this so why not give it a go!

As always do not leave your dog unaccompanied while using enrichment.

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