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Enrichment Guide - Number Four, Part One

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Snuffle Mat

Scent is our dogs number one sense. It rules their world.

I often get called in for one to ones with people that are struggling with loose lead walking and recall as their dogs are following scents.

We can help our dogs be able to display this behaviour but in an appropriate environment.

Snuffle mats are a great way of using our dogs noses to search for food.

These mats tend to be made of rubber with fleece knotted through them. You then sprinkle treats through the mat letting the dog search for them.

In this guide I show you how I made my pooch a brand new one.

You will need

1) Rubber mat with holes in

2) Fleece blankets don't underestimate how much you might need!

3) Scissors

4) Ruler

5) Pins

How I made the mat

1) If using a fleece blanket cut off any stitching around the edges.

2) The fleece blankets I used were fairly large so I folded them in half and pinned into place.

3) I measured 6cm from the edge and cut the fleece blanket into strips.

4) I then cut these strips in half. Which made them roughly 28cm long.

5) Once I had completed all these strips I pushed them threw two separate holes and fixed them into place by crossing them over and tying.

6) I continued until the mat was complete.

Why not give it a go? This snuffle mat will last my girl for years to come. You can of course buy them off the internet.

I'll pop a post up with my girl using her new snuffle mat shortly.

Snuffle Mat - Part One

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