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Do you have the WORST dog?

I often deal with clients at breaking point.

“I feel helpless”

“I feel out of control”

“I feel like a failure”

All things I have heard from clients.

Tears are not unusual in my job but why?

We love our dogs. They are part of our family and quite often they can hurt our emotions.

Making us feel useless, helpless and even unloved.

This can built to resentment and frustration.

I quite often get told they know what they are doing or should I say not doing!

But our dogs do not work like that.

Dogs don’t feel guilt.

Dogs aren’t stubborn.

They do not have the capacity for these emotions.

Our dogs do what works and they don’t do what doesn’t work.

Quite often the behaviours these dogs are showing that make my clients feel this way are totally normal.

No recall, pulling on the lead, jumping up.

They all serve a purpose to our dogs. They all work for whatever reason.

They get access to what they want. Smells, dogs, people, attention.

If you are struggle and don’t know what way to turn.

If you feel like you have the WORST dog.

Don’t worry. I can help you. Drop me an email to make the change today.


Are you struggling? I can help.

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