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I love doing the Dedicated to Dogs Tricktastic on line training with Polly. The videos and instructions Tamsin provides are clear and easy to follow. Polly and I can work at our own speed and get really helpful feedback on the videos we post. For us, it works even better than once-a-week in person classes because we can focus on the building the tricks and skills that are important to me - putting in more time, and getting extra feedback, on the things that are harder for us. There are new tricks every few days so plenty of fresh ideas for our training. It’s given me something to concentrate on on during these difficult times and I feel as though I’m learning as much about dog training as Polly is learning new tricks - and we’re both having fun as well!

Can't manage to get to class but still want to train your dog? Want to learn some fun tricks and have a blast with your dog? Want to train when you want without any obligations then our Tricktastic course is for you! 


Our Tricktastic course is live on teachable for you to work through as and when you wish. No obligation to work on every single video. Do what you can, when you can. Get behind? No problem catch up or skip over some videos. 

Month one which contains 13 videos is now available for you to work through. Behaviours such as bend, paws, middle, take, give, twist and spin and much more are covered.

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