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Anyone who gets a puppy knows that they must socialise them but what does that actually mean? What’s the best way to go about it and what is right for your puppy?

Socialisation is key to a happy, confident dog but if you get it wrong it can be disastrous for your pups. Causing dogs to lunge and bark at any dog within sight or having a dog who disappears off to go say hello to other dogs. Not exactly how you thought dog ownership would turn out but a reality I deal with every day.

Let’s get your puppies onto the right track from day one and prevent these unnecessary problems. This is exactly why our Socialisation Superstars course was born!

This course is for puppies aged between ten weeks and six months of age.



"Just finished the basic manners course and we loved it! Marley has such fun and we learnt a lot of invaluable training pointers."


"Got my first dog in 1967, and never been without one since, surely I didn’t need to go to puppy classes? But you are never too old to learn and the experience has been really positive for Shinty, and me. Tamsin is so good at putting us at ease, creating a calm environment for pups and owners to learn together. Would highly recommend to everyone with a new puppy in their life."


"Tamsin is so knowledgeable and so easy going , makes puppy classes fun and interesting! Can’t recommend enough!!"

"I recommend the puppy training course with Dedicated to Dogs. We thoroughly enjoyed taking our puppy, Mollie to class. As dog owners we have learned so much, the value in the training is enormous."


Week One

Confidence Course

  • Specially designed confidence course set up for puppies to have a go at.

  • Build teamwork and confidence creating a dog that can cope with our every changing world.

  • Create body awareness to help prevent injuries.

  • Build confidence to help with handling such as going over styles, getting into and out of the car.

Socialisation and On Lead Greetings

  • Teach calmness in the presence of other dogs.

  • Controlled on lead greetings.

  • Teach puppies to come away from other dogs.

  • Build focus in the presence of other dogs.

Week Two

Socialisation and Play

·       Learn what socialisation really means and how to do it properly.

·       Puppies paired up and allowed to play.

·       Discuss appropriate play, the good, the bad and the ugly.

·       Create calm puppies before and after play.


·       Enrichment have a go session.

·       Why enrichment is your best friend as a dog owner.

·       How to utilise enrichment to help create a calm puppy/dog.


Location: Field of Swartha Lane

Date: Thursday Evenings and Saturday mornings

Time: 6-6.45pm and 10.15-11am

Durations: Two Weeks

Cost: £40 plus £5 booking fee

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