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What an achievement!

So my Facebook reminded me today that I started dog training classes one year ago. I can’t believe it, in one way it feels like a lifetime ago, in another it feels like yesterday.

It was a big leap to take but I did it and I’ve never looked back, teaching puppy and adult dog classes as well as progression classes and a variety of workshops.

Sometimes we forget the amazing things we have achieved and the same can be said for our dogs.

If you think back to when you first got your dog, whether a puppy or dog do you remember how they used to be. Jumping, biting, barking, toileting everywhere and more.

Think of everything your dog has achieved, can they now settle where before they would be going bonkers? Has the toileting and biting stopped? Can they walk nicely down the street now?

As humans, we often overlook some amazing successes. I often get very excited about what could be considered a small change but is actually a huge leap!

So today I want you to remember those successes. I want you to give yourself and your dogs a pat on the back!

If there are still a few areas you are struggling with, that is normal, don’t beat yourself up about it but let’s get it fixed today!

Have a fantastic weekend and remember to keep your pooches safe and secure inside on bonfire night.


Celebrate your achievements!

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