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We Are Better Than This

Yesterday I chatted about a video I posted on my business Facebook page. I explained about positive punishment and positive reinforcement.

Today I wanted to chat with you more about the body language displayed by the dog wearing the shock collar.

He is cowering, making himself as small as possible, his tail is tucked between his legs, he avoids eye contact and holds his head as close to the floor as he can. When the handler stops he turns around and faces the other way.

What does this dogs body language tell me??

That dog is terrified!! He has shut down and does not want to interact with anyone.

When the person I assume is the owner takes the lead, the dog takes a few steps away.

People holding the lead = electric shock.

The owner then shocks the dog, who backs up towards the owner’s leg. and does a huge yawn, another stress signal.

There is no skill in training a dog this way.


It is also just plain cruel!!

The owner is traumatising her dog and ruining her relationship with him.

The poor dog is highly stressed and learning that people are pretty horrible!

Shock collars are illegal in Wales but still perfectly legal to use in England.

I know of two trainers local to me who endorse shock collars.

They are accredited by associations who simply take their money in exchange for an endorsement.

This lady was shocking her dog because she hired a ‘professional’ who told her that is what she should do.

She effectively paid to traumatise her dog!

I do not blame this lady, I blame the ‘professional’

Training other people’s dogs is a privilege but remember it is an unregulated industry and anyone can be a dog trainer.

Make sure if you are thinking about hiring a dog trainer you quiz them on their qualifications and experience. Ask what tools they would use, if you wouldn’t do it to a child, PLEASE do not do it to your dog.

And remember…… your dog's body language, what is it saying?

Tomorrow I am going to chat through the dog's body language being trained using positive reinforcement. We will leave the shock collar in the past…..where it belongs!

On the plus side, I got to work with the gorgeous Tim the Golden Retriever and true gent again this morning. Very happy to say the big guy is doing very well. Still melts my heart!!

Give your dogs a cuddle from me. TTFN Tamsin

No need to use one of these to train your dog!

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