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Poor Dog Part Two!

So yesterday I saw a lady walking a pointer on a choke chain and flexi lead. I talked through why choke chains are a no, no. Today I’m going to cover a different topic.

So that pointer was enjoying his walk, being outside and he decided to do something all dogs do. He decided to have a sniff and he got strangled for it.

I damaged my back in 2015 and my shoulders also aren’t great, so I know what it’s like to live with low level pain on a daily basis. If that dog is walked on a choke chain every day and it tightens around his neck every day, the likelihood is his neck is already going to be painful. He too is probably living with pain.

That dog experienced pain for doing something ever dog should be able to do.

The dog was just doing something that comes naturally. Scent is a dog’s number one sense.

We might notice if our coffee’s been sweetened with a teaspoon of sugar; a dog can detect a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water: two Olympic-sized pools full.” - Alexandra Horowitz

That is incredible!!

We rarely harness this skill in our pet dogs. Often the only opportunity for our dogs to sniff is when they are outside on walks.

It’s something a lot of owners get frustrated with. We think if we take our dogs out for a walk they should be walking.

I’m here to tell you that isn’t the case. Your dog will get more from their walk and come home more tired if they are allowed to sniff than if we march them around the park.

We can also use scentwork at home to improve your dog’s confidence, increase their focus on you, improve your relationship and tire your dog out.

If you want to grab a place on my next workshop. Remember I only take four dogs at a time!


Maisy finding her cheese. YUM!

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