Poor Dog

As some of you may know I take part in a sport called Canicross. This is where I run with my dogs but they are attached to me via bungee lines and a special running harness. Yesterday I decided to go for a run on the Chevin to get away from all the mud that seems to be everywhere! On my way back I saw a lady with a pointer on a flexi lead attached to a choke chain.

I am not a fan of choke chains. In this day and age there are better ways to train a dog to walk nicely than to strangle them but that alone wasn’t what made me think poor dog. It was when this handsome pointer stopped to sniff something. The flexi lead extended for a while before the owner pushed the button to stop it extending, the choke chain tightened and the dog was yanked forward.

Do you see why I thought that!

This dog was strangled for something that comes naturally.