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Now For The Happy Side!

This week we have been chatting about shock collars. I posted a video on my Facebook page showing one dog being trained not to pull using a shock collar and the other being trained using food.

I talked through the dog's body language who was being trained with the shock collar yesterday, now for the dog being trained using food.

The dog being trained with food has nice relaxed body language, his tail is wagging and he is standing tall, not cowering. He is looking up at his handler regularly and when she stops the dog looks straight at her and then moves his body back to get as close to the handler as possible. The dog also has an open and relaxed mouth.

All in all a lovely picture, this is what I want to see when I work with a dog.

There is a connection between dog and handler but more important there is fun and happiness!

As I said yesterday, training other people’s dogs is a privileged and I am lucky enough to do it for a living!

I love dogs, to be honest, I don’t think love is a strong enough word!!

I want them to like me, to want to work with me, to get excited when they see me.

I want to leave my clients with a better understanding of their dog but I also want to improve their bond and make sure the dog trusts their Mum/Dad.

I do this by using positive, force-free methods.

Listening to the dogs and giving them a choice.

Today important legislation was passed by the Scottish Government regarding shock collars.

I’ll talk you through what it is and what it means for dog training tomorrow.



YAY! No more shock collars!!

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