My Pet Peeve….Well One Of Them

So I chatted with you yesterday about learned helplessness and said I see it a lot while dogs are being groomed and when dogs are wearing headcollars.

Now…..I am not anti headcollars but sadly 95% aren’t introduced to dogs properly and they quite often don’t fit correctly either.

I HATE seeing dogs wearing headcollars, being dragged along on short leads with the headcollar riding up into the dog’s eye.

Every chance the dog gets, it’s rubbing its head on its owner's legs, scratching at it with their paws and even throwing themselves on the floor in an effort to get the headcollar off.

I also REALLY HATE it when I see a dog wearing a headcollar getting checked. What I mean by checked is when the lead is yanked causing the dogs head to be yanked around.

All the pressure on their fragile makes me flinch.