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My Dog Won’t Leave My Side On Walks

This is what my client told me the other day. She called me because she was at her wits end with her Beagle.

Buzz is a gorgeous little guy but as soon as he saw another dog or got onto a scent.


That was it, Buzz was off.

No matter how many times Karen called him, Buzz didn’t give a damn.

This reduced Karen to tears on a number of occasions.

The final straw was when he went missing for 2 hours.

Luckily they found him and apart from being very muddy and having a few scratches he was fine.

Karen decided something needed to change.

So what did she do?

She phoned the most experienced and qualified dog trainer around.


Now walks are a totally different kettle of fish.

Karen can enjoy having Buzz off the lead and is confident he will always return to her side when called.

She actually rang me because she was worried there was something wrong with him.

Buzz was reluctant to leave her side on walks.

Sticking to her like glue and constantly looking up at her.

My reply to her……

That's what you can achieve when you find what motivates your dog.

Now Karen also put in a lot of time to train Buzz and made sure he knew that if he paid her attention he got paid.

After all, would you work all week if you weren’t going to get paid?


I know the answer.

Ermmm a big fat NO.

Your dog is the same.

Find out what motivates them and reward them with it.

Tomorrow is my last recall workshop of the year and I can’t wait to help other owners have the same problem as Karen.

Their dog won’t leave their side.

Come on tomorrow!!!

Have an amazing weekend.


Recall Time!

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