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Let’s talk toys!

Over and over again when I go to behaviour consultations or training sessions we discuss what the dogs get to do to occupy themselves.

I often get the answer they have loads of toys.

Sometimes I walk into their house and there are dog toys all over the place.

Now, I’m not pointing the finger.

I hold my hands up, I have been guilty of this.

But just think, your dog has access to these toys whenever they like.

The likelihood is 90% of the time they ignore them.

If they always have access to them and you also aren’t playing with them with your pooch the likelihood is they will find them pretty boring so why bother with them.


So here is what I want you to do.

Buy some plastic boxes with lids.

Grab all of those toys.

Distribute the toys evenly through the boxes. Only giving your dog access to one box at a time.

Every two weeks rotate the toys.

Your dog is much more likely to interact with them.

Keeping them occupied and out of trouble.

Thank me later.

Still got that exciting news for you. I’ll spill the beans on Friday.

Have a fab day



How many toys does your dog have?

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