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I Nearly Died!!

I am not exaggerating.

I think my heart stopped!

I was out on a walk with my pup Hope before it chucks it down this afternoon.

We had a nice wander along the canal. Somewhere that is new to both of us.

We walked out, turned around and walked back.

On the way back we passed under the overpass for one of the bypasses local to me.

The wall next to it has crumbled.

Hope paid no attention to it on the way out but on the way back she hopped onto this crumbling wall.

In doing so she disturbed something and she took off after it.

Now I am pretty cool, calm and collected but when my dog is running towards a 70mph road I went into a blind panic.

I called her but she was in the zone and didn't hear me due to all the traffic noise. I called her again my heart pounding and my voice full of panic, super high pitched.

Hope turned!

She ran back towards me and hopped up on the wall.

I got hold of her harness, picked her up and gave her the biggest cuddle.

My heart was POUNDING!!

I put her down, put her lead back on and had the best game of tug with her.

Now some people wouldn't want to tell you this story.


Every experience is a learning experience.

What did I learn?

1) Put the bloody dog on a lead well before we go anywhere near that section of the canal!!

2) Thank god I have put so much time into my dog's recall. Anyone who has done recall training with me knows ,and I openly admit it, that recall was our Achilles heel. That could have saved her life!

3) You never know what might happen. Even if you trust your dog 100% you just never know. I would never walk my dog down the street off the lead, regardless of my dog's ability. If something happened and she was hurt because of that I would never forgive myself. My dog's life is not worth my ego!

Hug your dogs tight for me. Every day we have with them is such a privilege, you never know what might happen.

DO NOT underestimate how important your recall is. I have a recall workshop on the 20th July and have one place available. They are always very popular so don't hesitate because once it's gone, it's gone!

If you want to get your recall on the right track get your place today.


Before all the drama!

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