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I'm Alive....Just!

I went up to bonny Scotland for a friends 30th and while there caught the mother of all colds!

It really knocked me and after doing my behaviour consults and one to ones on Monday and Tuesday I clambered into bed and slept like sleep beauty! Not so beautiful though!

So that is why you haven’t heard from me for a few days.

Not to fear I am nearly back to normal, apart from not being able to breathe and still feel a tad rubbish but I will live.

So, I am super excited to be running another recall workshop this Saturday at my new indoor venue.

Really looking forward to meeting some new dogs but also a few dogs I have had one to ones with.

I love my recall workshop because I can see the difference within minutes.

The dogs love it and the owners go away feeling like having their dog off lead and under control is achievable.

It's a huge moral boost to realise their dog can listen to them.

I am so confident with my techniques that I offer a full refund if I can’t get the dog recalling back to you! No refunds given out yet!!

Recall is all about connection and finding what motivates your dog and every single dog is different.

That is what I love about my job and always keeps me on my toes.

I'm on my way!!

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