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He'll Grow Out Of It....No, No He Won't!!

I hear this all the time.

In passing, on Facebook, from clients.

It's fine he/she is a puppy, they will grow out of it.

This is just ridiculous!

The puppy is stealing things....He'll grow out of it.

The puppy is jumping up.....He'll grow out of it.

The puppy is running off.....He'll grow out of it

Anyone who has done any sort of training with me knows if a behaviour is rewarded it will be repeated.

So your puppy steals food of the surface, jumps all over you and runs away when you let it off lead. This isn't suddenly going to stop on it's own!

We need to extinguish the behaviours we don't want by replacing them with something we do.

Now there are lots of areas to consider. Control and management, reinforcers, distractions, delivery of the reward and many more but that is what I am here to help you with.

If we start your puppy on the right track from day one your life will be much less stressful.

I often have people contact me when their pups are young. For whatever reason they decide against attending puppy classes or having a one to one at that time. Some might go to a different trainer.

Around six months later I get another message saying they are struggling with a particular behaviour and can I help them.

The answer is yes however our lives would have been much easier if we had started from day one that pup came home.

If you know someone who is getting a puppy or you are thinking about it then research thoroughly. Find an accredited and qualified dog trainer like myself to help you and your pup.

I offer Puppy Training Bundles which include your Puppy Life Skills Course and two one to one sessions.

Here is what Enya's Mum said after our first session.

"Thanks so much for today Tamsin.. we learned so much from you and feel like we are now in a position to get Enya off to the best possible start in life... she’s absolutely exhausted from all the hard work but is sleeping perfectly in her crate surrounded by all her happy toys 😃🐶looking forward to puppy classes in a few weeks!!"


Little Enya signed up to our Puppy Training Bundle

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