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Updated: Apr 24, 2019


So yesterday I thought I would treat myself and after finishing with all my clients I hopped in my car and went to Junction 32 in Castleford for a bit of retail therapy.

The journey there was fine, no dramas but on the way back I, of course, got stuck in traffic and spent what felt like an age crawling along a piece of road I know well.

I was stuck in that queue for maybe 15 minutes but by god I was bored!!! Then I got to thinking….

Imagine what life is like for our dogs, being stuck at home all day, possibly with no company and with nothing to do….Hours and hours of nothingness!! It’s no wonder our dogs are so hyped to get outside and explore the world or why they create their own fun destroying post or furniture.

We need to give our dogs an outlet for their energy but also for their brains. Your dog is incredible, they never fail to surprise me. For god sake, dogs are being used to detect cancer, be guides to the blind, find people on mountain tops or buried underneath rubble and alert their owners to oncoming seizures or hypos. Dogs are amazing and we don’t realise their potential!!!

They live in our world and manage to understand us despite speaking a totally different language. We will chat more about that later.

If your dog loves to chase or to sniff then we can give your dog an outlet for this at home which also involves you. Making Mum/Dad much more fun. Your dog shouldn’t view the outside world as the only place they can do their favourite behaviour. This is when we have issues with focus and recall.

Remember your little dog has super powers that are totally untapped. Even using a small amount of their potential will lead to better behaviour a happier dog and in turn a happier you.

If you are interested in uncovering your dog's superpower then contact me. I will shortly be putting up a scentwork workshop. This will help you realise the power of your dog's nose. Places will be very limited and I will only be running this workshop every few months so if you would like to book a spot let me know asap.

Maisy using her nose

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