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Could you be damaging your puppy?

Socialisation…..Something all new puppy owners think about but are you getting it wrong?

Get it wrong and you could end up scaring your puppy for life and I’m not exaggerating!

So what is socialisation?

I ask this at every set of puppy classes and people normally reply showing puppy the outside world, meeting dogs and people.

Yes, they aren’t wrong but we need to think how our puppies feel while undergoing socialisation.

Is your puppy happy?

Is your puppy scared or worried?

If you puppy is scared of being outside?

Is the traffic too loud and too fast?

Do loud bangs make them jump?

Are they hiding behind your feet?

If your puppy is scared of something simply showing them it again and again might acutally be the worst thing you can do.

For example if I take my puppy down to the play park and lots of children want to come over and say hello. I let them because socialisation is important don’t you know!


My poor puppy is scared of all this tiny, strange sounding, quick moving things.

I keep taking my puppy down and letting the kids say hello……what is going to happen?

I am fueling that fire.

That children are actually scary and I don’t enjoy being around them or them touching me.

So what do we create?

Any adult dog who might snap at children to get them to move away.

Or lunge at children on scooters as they pass.

These dogs are labelled as unpredictable and dangerous.

It might even get that dog put to sleep!

But who create this problem……..

Their well meaning owner!

This is the importance of correct socialisation.

Not sure where to start?

Join my puppy life skills course where we can put you on the right track and make sure we create a full mannered, friendly, confident adult dog.

There are only 6 places on each course and once they are gone they are gone and it’s another two months until I run another….so grab yours today!


Aren't puppies the best!

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