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Sometimes things just click into place.

I’m sure we have all experienced this at some point. The magical feeling where everything seems to slot into place.

Now that is a great feeling I think we can all agree.

A feeling of contentment, achievement and happiness.

Well, I felt it on Saturday morning at my last recall workshop of 2017.

I worked with four dogs who all have a history of not returning to their owners.

If you ever book one of my recall workshops, I have a guarantee. If I can’t get your dog recalling to you I will give you a full refund!

Well, that guarantee is still yet to be used because all four dogs and owners did an amazing job!

The owners listened and took everything on board.


Everything fell into place.

We chatted about motivation last week.

Well, at my recall workshop I delved into what their dogs loved to do.

Jasper enjoyed playing tug but because his Mum and Dad wanted to train him as a gun dog they had been told not to play tug with him.

I told him there was no problem with playing tug as long as there were simple rules.

So we started using a toy and guess what……CLICK!

Hannah loved nothing more than chasing the cats she shares her home with so I used my flirt pole……CLICK!

I’ve worked with Tim on a few one to ones with his Mum and I knew backwards movement, lots of cheerleading and cuddles were the key……CLICK!

Then there is Indie, Indie is a bouncy, happy golden retriever. I have already done a one to one with him and knew he was hugely toy motivated so we used a variety of toys and treats and guess what….CLICK!

Sometimes we just need to put those little pieces together and I can help you do that.

If you want that CLICK moment then book a place today -

I’ve got some super exciting news to share with you this week too, so keep your eyes peeled!

When it all clicks into place!

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