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Are you breedist??

When we research breeds we are often told Retrievers like to retrieve, Collies like to herd, Newfoundlands like to swim, Cockers like to…..well go mental. That isn’t always the case. I know lots of Retrievers that don’t enjoy fetch and I also know plenty of Collies that don’t have a herding instinct, mine included!

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. That is not to say that a breed is not more likely to have certain traits, after all, generations of breeding have created that dog and once upon a time all dogs had a purpose.

If you have a dog from working lines such as a Collie, Labrador, Cocker or Springer you are more likely to have a high drive dog which shows strong traits in a particular area because Mum/Dad are being used for that purpose so they must be good at it.

I have owned Border Collies my whole life and the difference between a working and a show Collie is striking. Not only in looks but in energy and drive. I personally wouldn’t take on a working Collie. I am not in a position to give them an outlet for their herding instinct or their energy, which would lead to an unhappy, frustrated dog most likely showing several problem behaviours and a very guilty, unhappy me.

What I am saying is we can be guided by our dog's type and what their original use was but not to see it as set in stone. Dogs are individuals just like us.

I have finalised arrangements for our Nosework Ninjas course and don’t worry you don’t have to have a Blood Hound or a German Shepherd to attend. Any dog regardless of breed can attend and learn the skill that is scentwork.

Quite often people struggle to gather their dog's concentration in the outside world with all those amazing distractions. Scentwork is a fantastic way to build focus and give your dog an outlet for what comes naturally to all dogs, sniffing!

Places are limited to four dogs and it will be the only scent workshop this year so grab your spot here


Little dude Dillon finding his tasty treats.

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