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Are you a total bore?

Think back to school or university, I know it seems like an age ago but I bet you remember your teachers that were fun, interesting and seemed to have endless energy.

I do, my favourite lecturer was called Danny. He was in his early thirties, had brown hair was around 5ft 10in, always had a smile on his face and cracked jokes constantly. He taught Animal Law, a fairly boring subject but he always managed to make it fun and we had a great time in his lectures.

My other lectures were good, some were funny, and some were so boring it was very hard to keep your eyes open! I honestly cannot remember their names!

The only thing I remember about one of them is how she would say erm at the end of every sentence. That used to drive us crazy!

You could never concentrate on what she was saying and you used to come out of her lectures wanting to scratch your eyes out with a blunt spoon! I don’t remember her name but I can easily remember how annoyed she made me feel.

Our dogs are the same.

How do you make your dog feel? Secure, loved, safe or anxious, worried and scared. I want every dog to feel safe and secure, to trust you. Dogs are incredibly forgiving, it never fails to amaze me but sometime that means they suffer in silence.

This is why dogs can be beaten, strangled, shouted at and there is no obvious repercussion. Quite often dogs will just accept it rather than telling us to bugger off. Dogs will rarely bite, they try every other option first until we give them no choice.

Let’s look on the bright side now though. How can you improve your relationship with your dog? To be a team and make sure that love is felt on both sides. Scentwork is a fantastic way to do that.


Do you send your dog to sleep?

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