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Another Facebook Post!!

So yet again something dog related popped up on my facebook feed.

I shared into onto my business page as it demonstrates perfectly the difference between using positive punishment and positive reinforcement.

First a bit of science and what these words actually mean.

The definition of punishment in the dictionary is ‘The infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offence’

This is not true in behaviour, punishment does not have to be negative it simply means the behaviour will be decreased. Reinforcement means the behaviour will be increased.

Positive and negative simply mean something is added or taken away.

So positive punishment means something was added to reduce the behaviour.

Positive reinforcement means something was added to increase the behaviour.

In the video both positive punishment and positive reinforcement were used.

Positive punishment in this case was using a shock collar. The dog was given a shock when it went ahead of the handler.

Positive reinforcement was using high value treats. The dog was given a treat when it was in line with the handler.

Take a look at the video, let me know your thoughts.

I will talk more about it tomorrow.

On another note, we had our last Nosework Ninjas workshop of 2017. It was so much fun and I loved seeing all of the dogs using their noses and having a great time. Will you be joining us for one in 2018?

What motivates your dog?

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