I noticed a photo on my Facebook news feed this morning. It was a fairly nasty dog bite. The gentleman had been down the park when he noticed a dog off the lead. This dog is normally always kept on a lead and he was quite surprised to see it running around. He approached the owner who was stood next to another man who apparently ‘fancied himself as a dog expert’.

He asked the owner of the loose dog if she had now done training and socialised the dog more. She replied she hadn’t and her heart was pounding but said ‘dog expert’ told her that there was nothing wrong with the dog and that it was her nerves that had created the problem.

Within a few seconds, this ladies dog was attacking the dog bite man’s dog and you can guess what happened! He tried to separate the dogs and put his hand out, CHOMP!!!

There are two warnings to this story.

First of all dog fights can be very hard to break up and you shouldn’t put yourself at risk doing so but that is easier said than done. I can honestly say I would take a dog bite for my dog, luckily the occasion has never arisen.