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Puppy Life Skills Online Course

Puppies are hard work! Everyone wants to tell you how they did it or what you are doing wrong and god forbid you google anything!


Contradicting information here, there, and everywhere. Some of it is nonsense and some is downright dangerous!

Don't believe that your puppy will just grow out of it or maybe you should leave it another week before doing anything. Start training as soon as possible, creating those critical associations from day one overcoming any challenges, and nipping them in the bud.


Our puppy life skills course walks you through the basic skills our puppies must learn to help them live in our ever changing world. It's not just the puppies that need to learn, as owners we do too!


We need to know why our puppy behaves in a certain way and how to help them, where needed, to prevent possible permanent damage. If you have a new puppy in your life then you need this course!

Work through the modules in your own time, in your own home. Join our dedicated Facebook group. Post videos of your training for feedback and any questions you might have. Learning online using our programme means you are in the very best hands.


What included -

- Lifetime access to the course included videos and fact sheets on every behaviour. 

- Access to our dedicated Facebook group. 

Price - £120 for lifetime access.


"Tamsin and the online puppy coaching have been a great support with our new puppy. Tamsin is so knowledgeable, lots of great ideas and the material is really clear, easy to follow and in bite size chunks. Thank you!"

" I wish I had started it earlier!"

"Tamsin provided a wealth of guidance and insight which has been profoundly helpful, High Recommended and worth every penny"

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