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Don't let COVID stop you teaching your pup those critical life skills!

Puppies are constantly learning but what do you want them to learn? Just like children we need to educate them and teach them what we want. This course will help you do just that!

- First week home study with videos to watch in your own time. 
- Next five, live zoom training.  

- Fact sheets of all training techniques taught.
- Facebook group for support and questions

Puppy Life Skills course content

Behaviours taught:

  • Noise Sensitivity – Preventing it from ever becoming a problem. No need to worry about bonfire night.

  • Name Reflex – Puppy offers eye contact and focus when name called.

  • Anti guarding exercises – Stop your puppy from growling and biting when they have something they value.

  • Eye Contact – Create a reliable recall, loose lead walking and general focus. Eye contact is key!

  • Meet and Greet – Preventing puppies from jumping up. Teaching them the value of keeping feet on the floor.

  • Settling – Teaching puppies to be calm in a distracting environment with other dogs and people present.

  • Recall – Creating a reliable and lasting recall. How to make recall fun.

  • Handling/Grooming – Stress free vet and grooming visits.

  • Loose Lead Walking – Increase focus and stop years of back and shoulder pain.

  • Sit – Using both vocal and hand signal

  • Down – Using both vocal and hand signal

  • Stay/Wait – Stay still in a distracting environment. Important for dog and owner safety.

  • Exchanges – Giving up items when asked. Stop guarding behaviours.

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