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The Quickest Way To Ruin Your Puppy

Inappropriate play..........

It causes a whole host of problems that can haunt you.

Play and socialisation are critical for our puppies but we always seem to get it wrong.

Even professional establishments like vets can do an awful job.

I am not a fan of puppy parties and have seen many puppies who have be petrified by the experience.

Some other 'trainers' will post videos of dogs playing and it makes me cringe!

But what am I seeing?

Puppies allowed to run around and bounce on one another unchecked. Excessive mouthing until one puppy cries out in pain. One puppy always running away, cowering under a chair or behind someone's leg while the other puppy runs over and bounces all over them.

Just like children some puppies are shy, some are boisterous.

And.....just like children we need to tell them what is appropriate.

We don't just let kids run around and do what they want.

We explain it isn't appropriate to bite or kick other people.

Can you imagine the carnage if we didn't!!

If you allow your puppy to display this behaviour you may well end up with an adult dog that does the same thing. Not good!!

If you also allow your puppy to run off and play with every other dog not only will your recall be none existent but you are running the risk of your puppy being attacked.

I'm going to talk more about appropriate play and what I do want to see in my next blog.

If you want to learn how to teach your puppy to play appropriately then grab your place on our Puppy Life Skills Course. There are limited spaces and they go quick so don't delay!


Play has to be equal

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