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Enrichment Guide.....Number Three

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Destruction Box

Does your dog love nothing more than killing their stuffed toys?

My girl certainly does. Especially if she is under stimulated AKA bored!

Destruction boxes are one of her favourite types of enrichment.

She gets a box full of goodies that she can destroy and the best bit, it costs me nothing!

1) Find a sturdy box. Amazon boxes are great as they often tend to have paper packing inside.

2) Collect a few smaller boxes/toilet rolls and pop in a few pieces of kibble or treats. Close/fold them up.

3) If using paper place a few treats in the paper and scrunch up.

4) Place all the small items in the box.

5) Sprinkle a few treats over the top.

6) Close it up and give to your dog.

Away they go, trying their hardest to get into the box. If your dog struggles give them a helping hand. Open the box slightly, tip it on it's side, pick a few items out for them if needed.

Once again always supervise your dog when giving them enrichment and remove if needed.

Number Three - Destruction Box

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